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This week we’re out of town.. but we totally had time to record an episode. Listen to um.. Bre and Fim babble about the upcoming patch, blue posts and reader mail (you all should send more mail) and lots more.

General News

Ok, so I fibbed. Ratters and Nib keelhaul’s this flubber nubber” and they’ve taken over. Listen in as they chat about stuff and.. things and prove that podcasting is harder than it looks. ARRR!


The patch.. WANT IT !!! WANT IT NOW!!! Ratters and Nibs discuss the Patch and why they think it’ll be here on 4/14 (or 4/21).

Also covered: “How to get more readers” on your blog.


Join the “real” Bre and Fim live on Friday as they interview the famous “Bob” aka Llanion from Mad Cow Chronicles!

12 comments to EPISODE 39.5 – SHIVER ME TIMBERS

  • I’ll be your token fanboy, Nib, simply due to the use of the Pirates of the Carribean music. I lol’d.

    Nice show guys! 😀

    -ponders- You two should do a little pirate segment for Fim each week… just a quick couple minutes where you “hijack” the show again and… I dunno, just say random funny crap. It would amuse me, at least. 😛

  • Omg the introduction music in the beginning is AMAZING.
    What is it?
    You must tell me, or I shall
    hire a mass of warlocks to use their succubus’s to
    confess you 🙂

    Haha, when my guild hits Ulduar we want to make
    a video. That sounds so epic…
    Good job!

  • /sigh
    The comment above me mentioned the music.
    I should perhaps should have read that first.


  • It’s “He’s a Pirate” from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • kazura

    I never comment on the podcasts, I usually sit in the back of your website like a ninja reading, bwahahahaha! But I had to comment on this, because it is just awesomeness in a podcast, I am a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of PotC XD Nice job ^^

  • BlueTiger

    Ok, I’m trying to (oh right, like your podcast Nib and Ratters – good job with the high-jacking :P) figure out if I’d be able to join in the on the live podcast on friday. But it’s proving real hard to calculate what time it is here when it’s 12.30am ETC. Not only are we (I’m in Sweden btw) on separate sides of the Greenwich timeline – but now summertime have kicked in and confuses me even more!!

  • Errm.. Well I believe PST is GMT-7.. and PST is 3 hours before that.. so um.. I think that’s make it GMT-10.

  • Syrandel

    I can’t get to any of your podcasts. Is the broadcast server down?

  • Syrandel

    “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” when trying to go to http://www.tnbpodcast.info/podpress_trac/web/511/0/TNB_pirates.mp3

    I get a similar response when trying to stream it.