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tnb-welcome2Welcome to Trustyn of Zap! – The Elitist, Hardcore Blog!

This guy does a lot. In asking him for some background information for this post, I received a decent shock at just how much this author has on his plate, and how much he is doing. Besides his blog (which I will get to officially in a moment), he has a podcast, youtube channel, is writing a book, collaborating on a comic book, and is going to university to be a teacher. And, of course, he plays WoW. Not only that, but he’s a “hardcore” raider, which implies his investment in the game is much more serious than many.

Trustyn has been playing since shortly after release in 2004, and has raided everything from Molten Core to the original Naxx to Sunwell to every WotLK heroic achievement but Immortal. Despite his title (and the title of his podcast, The Elitist), he’s actually against the stereotype of the “social outcast jerks” stereotype about hardcore raiders. He’s played a rogue, paladin, warrior and his current main is a shaman.

He talks about addons and preparations for finding a guild, as well as his own shot at love, and so many others. He’s been blogging since February, so he’s very new to the game, but it seems to be going swimmingly so far. He does his own podcast every week covering WoW news, and it’s worth checking out. I can’t wait to see where this blog goes next.

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Trustyn!

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