Episode 33-World of Jesscraft

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image This week we bring the pain! Fim deals with mockery from two females as we interviewed the wonderful Lady Jess.

General News

Bre gets hit with the raiding bug and Fim almost hits 80 for a third time!

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Lady Jess!

Jess is a happy married mom of 2, a wow fiend, and a fantastic blogger covering not only the world of Azeroth but the wilds of Washington State as well. Go check out her site! Now!

This Friday!

We have a live round table!!! Don’t miss it! Details in this post.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.comp>

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5 comments to Episode 33-World of Jesscraft

  • Is there some techincal issue going on? I can’t download more than 5 mb before it breaks. Or 8 minutes if I try it from Itunes. It just cuts off.

    I’ve tried a hundred things but nothing helps. First time I have those problems.

  • I’ve downloaded mine ok.

    Have you tried restarting your PC/Mac?

  • Yeah. I only get 8 minutes 6 seconds. Don’t know if it’s saved somewhere in a distant cache memorie which makes it impossiblet ot take down the whole lot. Any suggestions?

  • Try downloading the file manually outside of iTunes from the link above.

  • We have all of our BoE items send to one of our guild officers who sell them in the Auction House without question. The only way the players get BoE items is if they are best-in-slot.

    Perhaps you should present this idea to your guild, Bre 🙂
    The guild bank gets money… guild repairs start happening <3
    It’s quite nice 🙂