Episode 14: One 4 the Horde

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4thehorde This episode, we not only have one horde, we doubled our pleasure and got a second one as well! Join us for an express episode of TNB.

Announcement from your hosts:

This week our show is short. We will be returning full force, with our tips, topics and news next week along with Mania as our guest. See you then!

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-4 The Horde!

This week our Blog/Blogger of the week are Fikkle and Sylus from 4The Horde!

From their about page:


Hailing from the the frozen throne, otherwise known as Canada. Fikkle has several alts, and two 70’s, a mage by the same name and a hunter named Grimshott. He has been a causal computer and console gamer for most of his life. WoW is his first real MMO.


Waves to Fikkle from Kansas and currently has a level 70 hunter by the new name of Abadon on the Cenarion Circle server. He, like Fikkle, has a laundry list of alts. He also isn’t the only “creative” person in his family and is rather proud of his wife’s paper crafting blog at Sarah’s Studio.

These guys are hilarious together and so is their blog. Go and check it out.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

5 comments to Episode 14: One 4 the Horde

  • Ah… Pre patch 9 Jedis… I guess I am one of them 3!

    In the “olden days” of Star Wars Galaxies, you basically became a jedi through either pure luck, or hardcore grinding. Upon character creation your character is allocated a number of professions you need to max to unlock the famed Jedi slot.

    I cant remember, it might have been 3, it might have been 5. But when there was some 25 professions, and you dont know what profession to grind towards (unless you obtained a Holocron – an item that when used will tell you one of the professions that must be maxxed out.)

    In addition, these Jedis had perma-death. you were allowed 3 character deaths – and then the jedi is wiped and you have to start again. this meant that Jedis were rarely seen, as if they were sighted, a bounty hunter can learn of their location, and go hunting…

    Great fun, fond memories. It was the jedi-grind that stopped me playing the game 🙁 Im glad of this though, because I dont ever want to see what the NGE had done to the game… *wipes a tear away*

    Velk out.

  • Khazadune

    It was great to hear about the new upcoming abilities for hunters and to finally hear some info on dual boxing. FOR THE HORDE! Maybe you can get Sy and Fik back to expand on the dual boxing and some more info on the upcoming Fury Warriors dual wielding 2-handers and new Mage and Rogue talents…