Episode 11-P.T. Diddy

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PTDDruidclip This week we have P. T. Diddy himself, the uber master of posts, Part Time Druid. Some great topics, a tip, listener mail and Fim wants to know if you feel “lucky.”

General News

Headlines from mmo-champion

  • Mage, shammy and DK talents have been updated
  • Hunter may be able to tame a chimera.
  • Hunters now have 5 slots.
  • A new threat system is being introduced.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Get the Most Out of Your Play! Valenna from Parry! Dodge Spin! wrote a great rebuttal post. The post talks about how to get as much of your play as possible. Play, refers to not only the time you are on the game, but how to get the most out of your toon

Blogger Talent Tree: Krizzlybear from Frost is the New Black, shocked the hell out of us, with his fantastic post outline the first “Blogger” Tree!

The World of Workcraft: Adrenis from Drainsouls pointed me to an awesome piece of video! It have been around for a while, but when I saw it, I couldn’t stop laughing!

Where Has the War Gone? TW from 70 Tauren Warrior wonders if world pvp is dead and where has the ‘War’ in warcraft has gone?

See Dead Socialites! The Dwarf Priest discovers dead people!

Social to Casual Raiders? Brigwyn from The Hunting Lodge offers some great tips on how a social guild can make the transition to a casual raiding guild:

Blogger Tip of the Week:

Anna, from Toomanyannas, offers a tidbit: Think about your writing process.

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Part Time Druid!

This week our Blog/Blogger of the week is PTD from Part Time Druid

From PTD’s about page:

“I have been a player of World of Warcraft since the beta days, and I play primarily on the Whisperwind server. I have a level 70 Restoration spec Druid (Pummra) and a level 70 Beast Mastery spec Hunter (Feroz), along with a handful of alts ranging in levels from 20 to 42. Why Part Time Druid? Because I have a wife and family to support, so I don’t have the time to devote to the game I would like to. I play roughly 6-10 hours per week, which I’d imagine puts me in the “casual” bracket. I do have a fairly good deal of knowledge about the game, however, and hope I can speak for the other “part time” players out there!”

Don’t miss out next week, when Nightravyn from NE L4Mobs, PST joins us!

Enjoy Dax’s latest parody single : Aggro is Mine

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

6 comments to Episode 11-P.T. Diddy

  • In-game threat meter wooooo!
    Yeah, they’re crazy-useful. I even use mine while I level my hunter (she’s lvl 16) to make sure I don’t pull aggro off my pet.

    Another great podcast (you entertain me during my work day so very nicely)

  • O. M. G.

    I am perhaps more shocked than either of you when I plugged into the nether from my work. I almost spilt my coffee. Immense thanks for plugging my blog and for appreciating my silly little talent tree.

    Again, many thanks!

  • Lestaticon

    Fimlys, nice voice at the beginning! So were you a part of the Lorekeepers podcast from wcradio? If not, it’s a very similar to Burster the abused gnome. 😛

    Great show. I’m really enjoying the podcasts and posts. Also the great network of other bloggers and shows you guys connect with.

  • Part Time Nether or Twisted Druid (or something)…

    The latest episode of the ever-exciting Twisted Nether podcast is loose on the internethers. Luckily, Beana got a hunter’s mark on the thing before it got loose and you can download it pretty easily. The guest star is Part Time…

  • @Lestaticon – Nope, I was not part of that. Never heard it really. I guess I just was channeling Burster.. 😀

    Glad you all are enjoying it. We really appreciate the comments, even if it is just an “I LIKED IT!”…