Episode 5-Patches and Pikes

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ChibiTawynSW This week we have the Huntress herself, Pike where we talk about her love of animals, the new patch notes and Anna tells us 9 things your blog needs.

General News

Patch 2.4.3 (click for official patch notes)

  • Mounts at 30
  • Haris Pilton finally finds meaning in her life
  • Mgt gets the nerf hammer

Hot Topics from the Nether!

WoW Addiction: Monquie from Girls Don’t Game wrote a powerful piece on WoW addiction and how she moved on.

“Gank Frank”: Fall in love with gnomes…all over again, in this great parody.

Lazy raider: Jezrael from DPS: We Deliver questions whether taking ungeared players into farm content breeds laziness.

Blogger Tip of the Week:

Anna, from Toomanyannas, tells us what 9 things you need on your blog.

Source : http://www.blogazeroth.com/viewtopic.php?t=172

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Pike!

This week, we have Pike from the Aspect of the Hare . She gracefully comes to the madhouse and tells us the meaning behind her name, her art, why she loves hunters so much and generally having a great time.

Pike is a self-proclaimed geekgirl who loves Linux and the hunter class in World of Warcraft. Oh, and exploring the vast world and lore that Blizzard made. …but mostly the hunter class.

Pike has also recently created an excellent series of “Hunter Kindergarten” videos, which can help any hunter, regardless of experience.

Twisted Nether Commercial Contest!

Our contest is going on! If you want to participate, this is our Audio Commercial for a real in-game item from WoW. Click on the Audio contest icon for more information. We have not gotten that many submissions yet, so lets get moving! We’re going to extend our deadline until the 30th of June now and include the winners in episode 7 instead. Remember MP3 format would be the best for us and you can email your submissions to me at Fimlys at gmail dot com with subject "TNB Commercial" and you can submit as many as you’d like.

The prize will be one of our new T-shirts from the TN store.

Twisted Nether Wiki is Live!

The Twisted Nether Wiki is now in operational mode!  wiki.twistednether.net.  We have a BIG LIST OF BLOGS and also a page with more Utility Sites (WowHead, etc). If you find your blog or one of your favorites (or more than 1) is not there, then email wiki@twistednether.net  with the subject TNB Wiki. And one of our wikibrarians (currently Kestrel and Auzara) will add/update/etc. as soon as they can get to it.

Don’t miss out next week, when Auzara from Chick GM that yes, a girl can run a highly successful raiding guild!

(Opening song "Monster Techno Blues" is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

14 comments to Episode 5-Patches and Pikes

  • Pike and Wiki in one week? I’m excited! =D

  • It’s annoying, but my headset died the day before I found out about the contest, and I haven’t been able to replace it yet. Hooray for extensions! That said, http://www.twistednether.net/tnb-commercial-contest/ still says the 23rd.

  • Breana

    @Easy, thanks. I have changed it and can’t wait to see your submission!
    @Lor 😀

  • Fim is in Orlando? Jeez, there’s a million of us here.

  • I was listening to the itunes version of episode 5 last night, and it cut off dead about 30 minutes in….

    Maybe you already know about it, but it made me a sad bear… I didn’t get to hear Pike!

  • I have asked others and they seem to not be having any trouble. Ratshag said it happened to him with Ep3 and he just downloaded the direct MP3 version instead. You can try deleting the episode and redownloading it. See if that works.

  • Elo

    Great insight on the carrying toons through Kara etc. discussion… one thing I would add is that if you are running with a new raider, run with at-level alts only, so that everyone needs gear and not just that toon. If the character gets geared in a run or two, they are unlikely to appreciate it and understand the need to participate in the progression aspects fully.

  • Tigerfeet

    Hi! I wanted to comment on the ‘lazy raider’ bit of the podcast. I’m a long-time player, but one that took her time getting to 70 with lots of breaks in-between. I’ve recently come back, finished up the grind to 70, and now I’m almost rabid to get into end-game raiding content. I went and found a guild that could use me and last night was my first kara run.

    As for the laziness, I honestly think it depends on the player. I want to prove myself, the guild I’m in is up to working on SSC and they want me in on the 25-man content so every opportunity I’m in a group, or even sometimes by myself I take the opportunity to practice my tanking (I’m a druid) and threat generation. The group that I went with to kara last night was all overgeared. at least half, probably more, of the people were in T5 and then here I come along the little off-tank in clefthoof gear and the odd cat dps piece. But I’m making sure I come along with consummables and try my VERY best to do EVERYTHING I can to help the raid, because I know when I finally get up to rolling with the ‘big boys’ there won’t be any room for slouching on my part. If I don’t learn to pull my weight now, when I have that cushion for error, I’ll find myself being passed over for group invites.

  • Breana


    I completely agree it has everything to do with the player. Laziness isn’t just about what you may have on, whether you are gemmed or have your consumables. It is has alot to do with attitude and willness to work together with the group.

    Personally, gear is secondary to me. The player’s ability to participate, pay attention and be an asset to the group by giving, like yourself, 100% is what matters.

    Good luck with the raiding! You sound like you are going to be a great asset to any guild that has you!