Episode 39 – Eye of the Hunter

This week we have Lassirra from The Hunters Mark as our Blogger of the Week. We sat down “in front” of a “live” chatroom and discussed Huntering and Bloggering..

Also, sorry about the sound quality this week. We were having some Mic clipping..


Episode 38-Where in the WoW is Bre

This week Bre is found…sort of and we are joined with a special co-host Nibuca from Mystic Chicanery. Oh, and lots, and lots of babble…you have been warned.


Special Episode 1: A Farewell to Phae

This week we have a special episode of TNB as we say goodbye to Phaelia from Resto4life.


Episode 36- Pretty in Pink

This week we have an fantastic interview with Larisa of the Pink Pigtail Inn, and dream of cheddar and broccoli Hot Pockets.


Episode 35- The Myze Has Melted

This week we have an great interview with Myze from Leader of the Pack, and a bunch of 3.1 goodness.


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