Shared Topic: 10 Changes That Will Make [_________] More Heroic

Once again, the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic has extended itself to over 2 weeks, thanks to a lazy administrator who couldn’t keep up with it all.  However, the extra long time has meant we have some truly fantastic posts written this week by a host of bloggers.

Gryphonheart of The Lion Guard […]

Shared Topic: Faction Changes!

  With Faction Changes live surprisingly early, this Shared Topic happened to be timed just about perfectly.  This topic was suggested some time ago by Nigiri of Adventures of a Priest.

After publicly stating a while ago that they would not do this, Bliz has announced in their forums they are working on […]

Shared Topic: Blizzcon!

  This week the blogosphere brings you news of all things Blizzcon!  Whether it be where to go, who to meet up with, or what to do if you can’t make it, we have it all for you!

Can’t get enough of Blizzcon?  Make sure you take a look at the following!

Boize […]

Shared Topic: What Would A WoW Movie Be About?

  This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic was suggested by Halopheonix of Azeroth: Here and Now.

So we’ve all heard the news by now that Sam Raimi is going to be directing the Warcraft-based movie. While the speculation runs rampant about how the movie will be compared to other movies in Raimi’s resume, […]

Shared Topic Double Whammy! The Olden Days/Why So Many [insert class here] Blogs?!

This week we have a double whammy of Shared Topic posts!  First off the rank we have a suggestion from Solomonx of Magetable:

I was playing my mage yesterday when I got to reminiscing about what raiding used to be like for me. Polymorphing, being only desired as a vending machine and portal […]