Episode 338 – All the Bobbers

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This episode we talk about patch 10.0.5 including the Trading Post, Storm’s Fury Event and the Revival Catalyst. We also talk about our feelings on the Black dragon flight “choices” and even touch on the Diablo 4 open beta.

Twisted Links – Nether Semi Important Stuffs

Black dragon Flight. Choice is Fake!

D4 Open Beta LINK

Dragonflight 20% off Until Mid-March

Patch 10.0.5 – Released Jan 24. LINK

  • Trading Post
    • Cosmetic Transmogs, Pets and Mounts
  • Storm’s Fury Event
  • Class Changes
    • Lots of changes
  • New Dragonriding Courses
  • Revival Catalyst
  • White and Grey quality equipment can be used for transmog. They are now BOE
  • Mage Tower
  • PvP stuff
    • War Mode can be toggled in Valdrakken
  • Professions
    • Requirements to unlock Specializations are reduced – Yay!
    • Profession Requirements for some Transmog-eligible pieces have been adjusted or removed
  • UI Changes

Fim/Zabby Normal Raz Done and off to Heroic!


  • Noblegarden 2023/04/10 – 2023/04/17
  • Children’s Week 2023/05/01 – 2023/05/08

Coming Soon…

Next is Episode 339, we will be recording LIVE with our hosts and just maybe a guest. Please keep a watch on the site or twitter for updates. You can listen live on twitch.tv/twistednetherblogcast with Fimlys Hydra, and Zabby, make sure you join us to ask our guest questions and heckle Fimlys.

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(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is performed Joe Sibol)

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