Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: What is your favorite Raid or Dungeon? (8th – 14th March)

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Happy Friday folks!

Back with another Blog Azeroth Shared Topic!

This week’s topic is coming to us from frequent contributor Amerence of AmerPriest Blog

You can’t get more straight forward than this:

What is your favorite Raid or Dungeon from any expansion in World of Warcraft, and why?

We’ve already had one response from Kyaza on the thread for this topic on the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic forum.

You know what to do! Get writing! Put something up on your blog and link to it on the Shared Topic thread, leave a response in the thread just like Kyaza did, or make a comment on this post below. 3 great ways to get in the game and talk about your favorite raid or dungeon! We all have at least one, or 5, or 15, that we can think of just off the top of our heads 🙂



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