Shared Topic: A little sugar goes a long way…

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Greetings folks!

This week we’ve got a very sweet (pun intended) Shared Topic from Mataoka of Sugar & Blood

My shared topic idea is for bloggers to consider the nicest, cutest, sappiest, and sweetest quests in the game; nothing sad or depressing, but sweet and light.

Would love to read what writers come up with…


Mataoka posted this article, Dornaa saves the day…, to kick off the Shared Topic.

Now you know the drill – respond with a post of your own on your blog and post the link at at the Shared Topic thread on the Blog Azeroth forums. Or, comment on this post below, or even send us a tweet. Whatever you’d like!

Blogging is more fun in groups! Or was that questing? Or raiding…? It may be all three… … Yep! All three! Let’s hear what YOU’VE got to say!



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