Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Arsenic and Old Mooncloth

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Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in welcoming Morrigu from Arsenic and Old Mooncloth!

Morrigu started playing WoW in vanilla, coming over after her adventures in Neverwinter Nights ended. While she started off on Thrall’s team, the call of the alliance appealed to her and she found her way into Stormwind Keep and never looked back. While Morrigu enjoys raiding, she finds that it’s the social aspects of WoW that keep her engaged. If you can’t find her in game, you might find her enjoying different console games, offering you a pint or deciding which book to read next.

Arsenic and Old Mooncloth is mainly a WoW blog, but you may also find personal bits and pieces of Morrigu in there as well. She likes to focus on her thoughts on the game and exploring the gaming world from a female perspective. You might find Morrigu talking about random acts of kindness or her thoughts on being lumped into a “princess” stereotype. Morrigu also explores how games can take on a mind of their own with an overactive imagination. You might even be interested in her 20 days of WoW blogging challenge.

I am certainly very excited to see what other interesting thoughts Morrigu has to share! Welcome to the blogosphere, Morrigu!

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