Cross-Realm Raid Event!

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Greetings folks!

As I mentioned in the Addonation segment on this weeks Twisted Nether Blogcast, I am setting up a Cross-Realm Raid Event. (Alliance side, sorry I have no Horde toons, but more on that later)

The first event to be held I am tentatively planning as an Ulduar 25man. Ulduar is fairly universally held as the favorite Warcraft raid encounter, it’d positively beautiful, will make for great screenshots, can be easily cleared in one night of only a few hours, and as an added bonus has as a reward what I consider to be the most beautiful flying mount in all the game…

The Ironbound Proto-Drake!

Responses of interest have already started coming in by email. Feel free to respond to this post with interest as well or email me at rilandune at gmail dot com.

Let me know the general time/day that works best for you.

I should stipulate that I am setting this up for the North American realms only. Again, I cannot run a raid on the European realms, sadly.

That said, I will not be neglecting our Horde brethren, even though you chose to play the wrong faction. ^_^ only joking of course, or am I?

If you would like to schedule and run a Horde side event, or a European realm event, please contact me as well and we will set that up.

4.3.2 has given the community a wonderful gift in the Cross-Realm-Raid feature and I would love to see the Twisted Nether and Blog Azeroth community use that feature to it’s fullest!

If the event is a success (and why wouldn’t it be?!) we can plan for more events in the future, venturing into other raid encounters as well! I don’t know about you, but there are a great deal of raids I’ve never seen in person, despite having played since launch.

So again, email me at rilandune at gmail dot com and/or respond to this thread, and lets get a nice Ulduar run together soon and get some achievements/titles/drakes in the process!



PS. Don’t delay, first come, first raid-spots-served, but don’t worry, you’ll be first on the list for the next event(s)

2 comments to Cross-Realm Raid Event!

  • Swwweeet! Sounds like a lot of fun and Ulduar, I haven’t seen all those bosses in quite some time. I personally like to grab that flying head mount!

    Sign my orc warlock or BE disc priest up!

    Oh, well if you get a Horde one running.

  • Doug

    Would love to be part of this raid:
    Straitarrow mm hunter
    Slingblaid as rogue
    Dapally ret pally
    All on bronzebeard Aliance US