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Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in welcoming Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief.

Cymre has been playing WoW since Vanilla, starting off her adventures as a hunter. However as the Burning Crusade was about to change the face of WoW forever, Cymre decided to see how it felt to turn in her arrows and find the light – or more simply known as rerolling a priest. She is a bit of an achievement hound, using her free time to chase them all down. In addition to managing her guild website, “catching them all” when it comes to non-combat pets and keeping up to speed on her professions, Cymre has become quite the fashionista! She’s discovered tons of ways to dress herself up for any adventure or activity in the game.

Over atBubbles of Mischief you might learn a little bit about Captain Sanders and his mysterious treasure map, or perhaps you have been dying to know how to craft a Buffy outfit for transmog purposes. Not into Buffy? Well that’s ok, we can’t all be perfect. Maybe you are looking for that perfect style putzing around with Archeaology! What do you mean you aren’t into dressing up?! Fine. Perhaps you would be more interested in learning about Azshara or maybe find out how to spend your time out at the Darkmoon Faire!

Regardless of what you are looking for, Cymre is sure to have something to tickle your fancy! I certainly can’t wait to see what kind of clever outfits she finds next! Welcome to the blogosphere, Cymre!


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  • Thanks again for the lovely write-up Beru. Hopefully I’ll get a lot more readers from this and comments.

    I did try and let you guys know that my Blog name had changed from ‘Cymre’s Journal’ to the new ‘Bubbles of Mischief’ above but the comment wouldn’t go through. Hopefully this one does.

    See you all around the blogosphere 🙂