Netherhood Welcome Wagon – The Cynic Dialogue

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Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in welcoming Feya of The Cynic Dialogue.

Feya has been playing WoW since Molten Core was all the rage. The thought of working together towards a common goal with a group of people has always fascinated him, and raiding is what keeps him engaged in WoW. Feya brings an extensive background in healing, having healed everything since first stepping foot into Molten Core. His guild history includes raiding with some very progression focused guilds, but right now he finds that progression on a more relaxed 9-10 hour schedule fulfills his current gaming needs. He is currently an officer in Shining Force, a guild that focuses on progression on a lighter raid schedule.

Feya has always played a paladin, with some mild flirtations with Resto Druids. However, he continues to come back to the challenges that Holy Paladins bring. He enjoys working through the challenges of the niche “tank healing” that paladins have seen, and appreciates the satisfaction found in knowing that many times you are almost singularly acting to keep a tank’s life in balance.

The Cynic Dialogue focuses mostly on Paladin healing and being part of the leadership structure for a progression focused guild (you might even see some theory crafting being thrown around!). You will find some ideas on how to assess healers as an officer, or some thoughts on the great mastery and crit debates. There is the start to a great series on the best secondary stats for paladins as well as some interesting thoughts on possible Holy Radiance Changes. You will also find some great thoughts on current hard mode encounters.

Feya is off to a great start!  I can’t wait to read more as he plows through T13 challenges.  Welcome to the blogosphere, Feya!


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