Shared Topics: Real Life Intruding on WoW and Pet Peeves

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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year!

For those of you who participated in Blog Azeroth’s Secret Santa, feel free to post links to the posts you received or the posts you written in the original Secret Santa post. Links will be saved for posterity and Secret Santa participants of the future (should the tradition continue) will click on them for inspiration.

Now for the Shared Topics! We have two again this week since I’ve fallen a bit behind with them.

The first was two weeks ago and was about elements of our real life transpiring through WoW. Our Topic suggester (and we love Topic suggesters! Can’t get enough of our wonderful Topic suggesters!) was Dragonray from Azerothian Life:

Do you think your real life job affects how you see people/situations in game and do you use the same methods in game you would use at work to diffuse situations? For example are you the type to just boot people/leave guilds because this is a game or would you try and sort it out considering you wouldn’t just fire someone/quit your job if someone/or situation was being nasty?

Participating were:

RestoDude from RestoDude

Jaedia from Jaedia’s Menagerie

Amaranth from Specced for Drama

Violet Scribe from The Violet Scribe

Tzufit from Tree Heals Go Woosh

Dragonray from Azerothian Life

Iamstillwater from Games and Geekery

The second Topic was from last week, where Amaranth from Specced for Drama asked about our in-game pet peeves. (Now that’s one Topic I wish I had taken part in… Ophelie’s pet peeves? That would be an incoming wall of text!)

What is your biggest pet peeve? What is the one thing you just can’t tolerate in game. Is it the loudmouth in trade, the guy who keeps god-modding when trying to RP with you, the gold farmers, the….

Oh my, the list could go on. Tell us your biggest pet peeve, or make a list, or maybe tell us about the quirkiest thing that irks you.

Or, maybe if you are a roleplayer, you could do this one in character and explain what your character’s biggest pet peeve is in general. Could it be how uncomfortable the griffon saddle is, or how bland Night Elf food is, or the exorbitant price of buying anything from a goblin?

Some of you were really creative with your replies! Check out:

Amaranth from Specced for Drama

Dragonray from Azerothian Life

Tzufit from Tree Heals Go Woosh

Violet Scribe from The Violet Scribe

Dubsy from Rejuvenile

Mirandinn from Mirandinn: A WoW Journal

Fannon from Dwarven Battle Medic

And for this week, get your character into a holiday state of mind in our RP themed Topic: Winter Holiday Feast. What will your character be doing this holiday season? Will he or she take it easy and curl up in front of a fire with friends? Or will he or she work overtime killing monsters to compensate for all the other heroes taking time off? (Or if your character is from the Dun Moroe or Winterspring areas, will he or she be soaking up the sun in the luscious tropical Stranglethorn Jungle?)

Share your story with us by posting a link to it in this week’s Topic thread at Blog Azeroth!

And remember! We love Topic suggesters! If you have a great idea for a Shared Topic, let us know on our forums!

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