Shared Topic: What do you do when your raid is canceled

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Raids don’t work out every night. Sometimes, after you’ve scrambled to get all your work done for the night, after you’ve grabbed your drinks and your snacks, you excitedly log into the game only to find out that there just aren’t enough people available/the server is throwing a hissy fit/aliens have temporarily taken over your guild. Disappointed but not discouraged, you turn to your backup plan for the night. If you have one.

To make sure that, from now on, everyone will always have a backup plan to turn to when their raid is canceled, Deyndor from Swift Retribution suggested last week, that as a Shared Topic, we blog about what we do when our raid is canceled.

So I was talking with Eda on twitter tonight and she mentioned that she’s had 4 raids in the last 2 weeks get canceled. And that got me wondering, what do people do when their raid is canceled?

I’m sure there will be the mundane like farming stuff or running heroics, but I’m sure there are a lot of people with some really interesting and fun things too. Maybe you invade an enemy capital by yourself. Maybe you go play an alt. Whatever it is, share it!

Participating were:

Glassofwater-in-one-word from Not So Overpowered

Cornelious from Techadin

Qieth from Qieth’s Quips

Jyorore from Barkskin

Elkagorasa from Elkagorasa the Casual

Morynne from Marks 365

AChloryn from War(craft) of the Worlds

That Priest from Barrens Chat

Zahia from One More Alt

Anslym from Totem Tossing

Artie from Blade Barrier

Pewter from The ‘mental Shaman

Redhawk from Redhawk’s Gaze

Manroth from @Runtime

Angelya from Revive & Rejuvenate

Tryssta from The Snobby Blood Elf

Deyndor from Swift Retribution

Sindei from Six Inch Heals

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