Shared Topic: Leveling 1 to 10

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What do you think of the very beginning of the leveling process, those levels between 1 and 10? For last week’s Shared Topic, Guthammer from Guthammer’s Last Stand invited us to comment on that level bracket, on what we like about it, on what we like less and on what we’d suggest to improve it.

A while ago Blizzard came out with the stat that 70% of its accounts don’t ever make it past level 10. While I am sure that Blizzard can put in some great analysis of their game, I am also sure that they would love to hear more player feedback on the new level experience.

Now I realize that most of us are far from newbies and we won’t be able to get into a newbies mind set perfectly (heck I am 10 years out of newbiehood for MMOs and 5 years out for WoW), but I think we can all add to the dialog about those first 10 levels, what works for you and what doesn’t.

Participating this week are:

Guthammer from Guthammer’s Last Stand

Lissanna from Restokin

Windsoar from Jaded Alt

Glass of Water from Not So Overpowered

Cornelious from Techadin

Nebz from For Shatts and Giggles

Strumwolf from Strumwulf’s Page of Stories and Ideas

Shodaran from Shodaran’s Law

Zahia from One More Alt

Talfrund from Leveling Resto

Saga from Girls Don’t Play WoW

Anslym from Totem Tossing

Jaedia from The Lazy Sniper

Redhawks from Redhawks’ Gaze

Sindei from Six-Inch Heals

This week, as a Shared Topic, we talk about what we do when the unfortunate situation of a canceled raid occurs. What do you do when your raid in canceled? Write about it on your blog and link back to it in the thread at Blog Azeroth!

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