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While fumbling around Azeroth, we’ve all experienced that “ooooooo” moment of awe at some point or another. Maybe it was when someone “got their (decked in epics) main” to get your group through Deadmines as you were leveling your first character. Maybe it was finally reaching Crossroads, only to see the place get destroyed by a single level ??? character. Or maybe it was entering Ulduar for the first time, immersing yourself in the titanic vastness of the ancient prison.

Elsen from View From the Branches shared a personal moment of awe as she suggested last week’s Shared Topic:

A suggestion from me here…

In a random conversation with a good friend of mine, whilst he bubbled his way off Thunderbluff after collecting the elders achievement, was how we first felt that very first time we encountered the ?? of a high level of the opposite faction.

It became very much like, “i remember my first time that…” and one of the things I remember was how in awe I was off this big tauren who came and stomped his/her way through Astranaar, killed all the NPCs and in my tiny, level 20 druid mind I thought – I CAN HELP!!! I cast a rejuv on a guard, and he /laugh ed at me, and one shotted me.

I was bewildered, confused and totally in awe.

There were many times during my first year on WoW I was awed by something or other – even when I walked into Naxx as a level 80 for the first time, I felt awed.

I’d be curious to see if we can get bloggers writing about what gave them that sense of wonderment when they started playing WoW, started PvPing, started raiding…whatever it was that made you gasp!

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1 comment to Shared Topic: World of Awecraft

  • WillFeral

    This brought back a lot of memories. I was able to narrow it down to a couple of jaw dropping moments I have had over the last couple of years playing WoW
    I remember seeing Un’Goro for the first time and how breathtakingly green it all was. Wandering down the mountain into the valley and coming across a gigantic dinosaur ready to tear my face apart. And after shifting from Bear to Cat and spamming heal I was able to come away bruised but not totally broken. Immediately turning around and running out of there as fast as my cow hooves would take me. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been back since.
    Remembering getting my flight form and how cool it felt.
    Getting camped at a spawn point in the barrens by some paladin with a skull in his name plate and how frustrated I got.
    Running Heroic Violet Hold four bazillion times to get the Staff Of Trickery. Which I did finally get.
    Going to the outlands for the first time and looking across the red desert and seeing the Horde firing cannons across and having to get to the other side and the only way to do it was to go straight though the battle. God Bless Prowl
    Awesome post..!