Shared Topic: Posting Blog Links on Armory

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Bloggers! If Blizzard added the possibility of adding blog links on Armory, would you post a link to your blog on your character(s)’s profile? Would you dare or would you say “no way!“?

Anea from Oh Look an Alt! thought of this great Shared Topic idea:

If you were given the option, would you post a link to your blog on your main’s armory profile?

Why/why not?

Sharing their thoughts are:

Windsoar from Jaded Alt

Rajjs from The Angry Alt

Erinys from The Harpy’s Nest

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

Fealen from Cow and Bones

Tarinae from A Healadin’s Tear

This upcoming week, we reminisce about moments of awe we’ve experienced in the game, that wonderment we felt during our early days, before being maximum level and decked in epics became matter-of-fact. To take part in the topic, drop by the Shared Topic forum on Blog Azeroth!

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Would a lack of comments make us better bloggers?

2 comments to Shared Topic: Posting Blog Links on Armory

  • I most certainly would. I enjoy engaging my readers and encourage them to validate my experience by checking out my achievements and what not. Horde Review is a place for discussion and also a place I like to showcase myself as well as my other writers and are Guilds. I enjoy the occassional comment I receive when I am roaming around on my Server from someone who has found my blog and likes what they read.

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