Shared Topic: Leave of WoW Absense

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When you’re not playing WoW, what do you do? That was the theme of this week’s Shared Topic topic, suggested by Nim from Anhk = Life:

So after about a month of broken computer, it still can’t run WoW, which means I have to find other things to do to waste time. Which got me wondering how other people spend their WoW time when they can’t play WoW.

Eager to share their thoughts on time spent away from the game were:

Malfean from Raided M
Nim from Anhk = Life
Jen from Stories of WoW
Shawndra from Escapist Scrawl
Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

The current week’s Shared Topic brings us right back into the game, and invites us to reveal a glimpse of our role playing side by posting a conversation with our character. Quite a few bloggers have stepped up to the challenge already and it’s bound to be an interesting week for Shared Topic posts!

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