TNB on the PTR TONIGHT 7:30pm PST

Tonight TNB will be having a virtual meetup on the PTR.

To join us:
– Download the PTR client(link).
– Copy an Alliance toon or use an alliance-side pre-made on the PTR PVE server (Broxigar)
– Join the TNB chat channel. /join TNB
– Ask for an ginvite/invite and ventrilo information to whatever we’re doing

We’re hoping to check out one of the new 5-mans.

See you there!

2 comments to TNB on the PTR TONIGHT 7:30pm PST

  • I have never gone to the PTR and am downloading and installing it now. Is there such a thing as server on the PTR or how do I find ya?

  • There are two servers. One of them is the PvP server, and one is the PvE server.

    When you copy or transfer a character, it asks which one you want to go to. You want to put your characters on the Broxigar (PvE) server.