TNB is Going Inside!

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wishowheader580 Today (sorry for the late notice), Nibuca and Fimlys will be guests on the WoWInsider show,’s weekly podcast! We’re going to be talking patch 3.2.2 and 3.2.2a (I think) and also take some time to talk about our newest endeavor, Azeroth United.

We’ve talked about it on a show a little (well, in the show you haven’t heard yet..) but Azeroth United is a new World of Warcraft Internet Media Community.. What is that? Well, tune in today at 3:30pm ET at the WoWInsider UStream to learn more about it! Well, either that or go to .. 🙂

Come listen to us babble about stuff (just like normal). I’m sure it will be a fun time!

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