No Show This Week…But We Want Your “Midnight” Voicemails

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Seems that we had a perfect storm of Real Life slam into the TNB offices last week.  First with Fim’s infection and then somehow, it spread to my computer and it crashed, taking with it my side of the interview with Euripedes.  However, we have been in contact with Rip and he will be back on the show in the next couple of weeks to redo the Boss fight, I mean the interview. 

Thank god he was so understanding and that you guys are so patient.  We <3 you!

Also as a reminder, Fim will be hanging with BRK and Mania outside the Waterfordlakes Game Stop in Orlando. 

I will be hanging and drinking at the Dolphin Mall in Miami.

For all the lunatics, like us, if you are going to be at a Midnight Event, call the voicemail and, please, please, please leave us a message!  The number again is: 206-203-4546

If you want Fim to bombard BRK and Mania with questions, feel free to write them in the comments or send us a voicemail! 

I will be bothering complete strangers in line tomorrow (strange things happen when I drink) so if you would like me to ask something silly, bring it on!

I will see or speak to you guys tomorrow!


1 comment to No Show This Week…But We Want Your “Midnight” Voicemails

  • I was actually out of town for a couple of days, conveniently missing one of the few time windows Fre and Bim have to record.

    What y’all wanna bet that when we next attempt to record, I break my arm, Bre gets assassinated by an angry lasagna, and Fim bursts into flame?