Episode 177 – 5/5 Epic Round Table

Mists of Pandaria is almost upon us and the most recent patch that gets us ready to embrace our inner panda is here. 5.0.4 has arrived and with it some of the biggest changes in WoW ever. We are joined for this epic round table discussion by 4 great bloggers: Cymre from Bubbles of […]

Episode 176 – Megablogger

This week we welcome Megacode from Healing Spec. We also talk about Blizzard getting hacked, patch 5.0.4 and the MoP opening cinematic.


Episode 175 – JD Azerothian

This week we welcome JD Kenada from Amateur Azerothian (although we promoted him to Journeyman in the show..). We talk about the MoP release date, the release of the WoW Megabloks and the delay of Brewfest.


Episode 174 – Fluid Monkcraft

We welcome Alaron from The Fluid Druid, World of Monkcraft and the WoW Insider column, Shifting Perspectives. Some really good discussion about the Monk and why you might want to consider diving into this new class when MoP comes out (Which is Sep 25 by the way if you didn’t see the news)


Episode 173 – The Daily Navizor

This week we are joined by Navimie from The Daily Frostwolf: Druid Edition. We have an outstanding discussion on many different topics including why she can’t seem to level an alt and how to properly pronounce Alysrazor.


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