Resource Site Spotlight - Twink Info

Over at the Warcraft Hunter’s Union, we have a hunters-only guild on the main server of Frostheim, who runs the WHU. This huge collection of gun-toting lowbies allows us to run a number of insanely fun low-level events, like this one recently at lvl 19.

But in between events are large swaths of time where […]

Resource Site Spotlight - Skill Capped

One of the reasons I’m drawn to particular sites is how well they are able to get down to the bottom line. I.E. if it’s a hunter site, for example, is there easy access to links showing me how to play a hunter well? The problem often comes with most sites’ desire to be both […]

Resource Site Spotlight - Chill Affect

While I slog through numerous PvP websites for both this blog as well as my own personal use (My 2’s team hovers around 1400 every season, but can’t seem to get any better. This must change.), this week I’m highlighting a lightweight add-on that is both convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Chill Effect provides small […]

Resource Site Spotlight - Time To Die

Phase 3 Sindragosa is proving to be the bane of my raid team at the moment. And even my brilliant-yet-misguided attempts to get us an extra dps’er by pet tanking it (my pet can single tank it, we have to swap 2 tanks otherwise) have failed. And while this week’s highlighted add-on hasn’t helped us […]

Resource Site Spotlight - Power Auras

This is a popular one. I’ve never recommended this to someone without having them tell me they ended up loving it.

Basically, this lets you customize light-up auras on your screen that respond to pretty much anything in the game. Standing in the fire? Write a power aura to tell you about it. Abilities […]