Liveblog – Blizzcon ’09 Day 1

We’re Liveblogging Blizzcon ’09 (Hopefully).. Both Nib and Fim will be there, inside all the action. This will be whatever we want to let you know about Day 1! You can also follow FimBlizzcon and NibBlizzcon to get the same information directly from Twitter!

Blizzcon Day 1

TNB Blizzcon ’09 Flickr

We will be uploading the photos of our adventures at Blizzcon ’09 to our Flickr Photostream. You can also see the images here on this post! (ok.. for now there is just that silly coke can.. )

[flickr-gallery mode=”tag” tags=”blizzcon” tag_mode=”all”]

Blizzcon Coverage Reminders

Reminder.. We will be Liveblogging Blizzcon as much as we can this Friday and Saturday! I’ve included some reminders below. You can use those to have them send you email reminders. You can come straight here to the site also. It should be live all day long!


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