Shared Topic: If You Could Buy a Month of WoW With Gold?

This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Veneretio of Tanking Tips, and asks readers and bloggers alike to consider the implications of ‘reverse RMT’

I was browsing the net and it hit me, what if Blizzard implemented the ultimate gold sink. What if they allowed you to buy a month of WoW time […]

Shared Topic: What Does It Mean To Be Horde/Alliance?

This week Spinks asks us to consider what it means to us to be a part of the Horde or the Alliance.

I got this idea from the paid faction changes, and I was trying to list out some things I thought you had to do in game to be a real Horde. Then I […]

Shared Topic: What If There Were WoW Lobbyists?

This week at Blog Azeroth we get all political!  Euripides of OutDPS muses upon the following point

The US hunting and gun lobby is quite powerful. The US Fish and Wildlife Service says 12.5 million people hunted (in real life) in the US in 2006. The number of WOW players has reached […]

Shared Topic: Humour in WoW

Shopshopshop of Runeforge Gossip has suggested a doozie of a Shared Topic for this week, which is guaranteed to have you ROFLing and LOLing and every other acronym-ing all over the place: Humour in WoW and how it affects the game.

Since I can remember, Blizzard has always inserted the odd pop culture reference […]

Shared Topic: Being Aware of your Surroundings During Raids

We have all been there, whether it be on the dying side or the ‘watch what you are doing!’ side. Void zones. Fire walls. Other massive blobs of certain doom that appear on the screen. One thing that people always get irate about is people not watching their surroundings during raids, so it is […]