Twisted Nether’s 9th Anniversary Show – Help Wanted!

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You read the title of the correctly. We at Twisted Nether Blogcast are having our 9th anniversary show on Friday, May 19th, 2017. This is a little earlier then our May 27th, 2008 anniversary date, but I am shocked (as you should be too) that we are doing this before and on time!

This is a call out for Anniversary clips or emails from past guests and fans. Email them to , and if you really want to be daring you can call into our Google voicemail at 407-705-3161.

If you send an email message without audio and would like a specific host to read it please include that in the BEGINNING of the email, such as intro/header or subject. Otherwise we will choose for you. Muahaahaaa!

Please provide any pre-recorded clips no later than the day before, Thursday, May 18th. We will accept them the day of, but you might just kill Fimlys. So be kind and record it early.

Our many thanks from the TNB Crew,
Fimlys, Zabby, and Hydra.

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