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Hello Twisted Netherites! I feel that it’s always best to begin at the beginning as they say! So where else would you start with a new contributor (me) then to begin with the site we all love and know.


I’m sure many of you found Twisted Nether by looking for a resource like Blog Azeroth. I, contrarily (is that a word?), found Blog Azeroth quite the other way around. By hearing the podcast first and then going to check out the site.

Blog Azeroth is a terrific resource for connecting with other WoW bloggers. Every week we talk about the shared topic from Blog Azeroth. Where you can suggest a new topic, or share your input and link your post on the current topic of the week. A great way to meet others and drive traffic to your site.

Want to meet other bloggers? Introduce yourself in the Author Introduction forum and start a conversation.

Looking for blogging how-to? Check out the Blogging Tips and Tricks forum.

They also have information about commonly used blogging and podcasting platforms such as WordPress.

So go check them out, meet new people, and learn new things!

Now go make the world a better place. 🙂


You can find me on twitter @Zabbylocks, and sometimes at my blog, Life in the Soulwell.

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