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Are you an Auction House junkie? Do you walk around your office mumbling to yourself about buying out the flask supply to create an artificial monopoly, or replace marketing tactics in a board meeting with specifics on doing “the Eternals shuffle?”

If this describes you… seek help. Immediately.

If you found that line mildly amusing but you are in fact someone that plays the auction house often, even to the extent of having the mobile app in hand to move things on the Warcraft market while in between printing off cover sheets for your TPS reports, than AHSpy should be right up your proverbial alley.

The following is a direct copy/paste quote from the front page of AHSpy as to what this tool is:

“AHSpy is an awesome new tool that let’s you see World of Warcraft auctions and item pricing information in real time. Not only is AHSpy incredibly easy to use, it will also allow you to see the value of any actionable item in the last 30 days in any realm/faction. You will also be able to see the auction history of any seller. And because we get our data directly from Battle.Net and not from user uploads, we know that our stats are as exact as they can be.”

I am certain I could not describe it any better.

As you can see from the screen capture at the top of this article the site is in beta, but from all accounts is working as intended.

AHSpy has even gone as far as to open their API to web developers or any other Warcraft sites, so if you have your own site pertaining to the in game economy, or perhaps have a resource site yourself, contact the fine folks at AHSpy and arrange the use of this service.

One other cool feature, AHSpy is multilingual, as seen here:

Sprechen in der Deutschen klasse!

This RSS was found while listening to The Instance, and was a recent “Drop of the Week” on that podcast.

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