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Hello Everyone!  Today I’d like you all to join me in welcoming Barklay and Marv from the Stormwind Bait Company.

Barklay and Marv started out their adventures in WoW back when you have to walk uphill both ways to get to the Molten Core entrance (in the snow, no less!) and UBRS was considered raiding.  However, this dazzling duo didn’t pair up until Wrath of the Lich King launched where they were the wonder twins of tanking for their guild (careful with the water/sponge combo gentlemen!).  As they played together and found that they had quite a bit in common, it was easy to see that they would become fast friends not only in the game, but out of it as well.

Somewhere around the time ICC launched they decided that they wanted to push a little more into the raiding scene on a limited time schedule – and they lead their team to down the Lich King just before the summer slumps made the attendance boss an unbeatable foe.  With the release of Cataclysm, the dazzling duo decided that Night Elves were for sissies and Death Knights were so last season and found themselves deciding to level up a set of new characters together.  Barklay, still having a fondness for the druid class, opted for a Worgen Druid, while Marv decided to turn completely from his tanking roots and opted for a shadow priest who enjoys a side of healing.  They both anticipate being back into the raiding scene soon, with a very limited (5-6 hours a week) raiding schedule and a team of focused and dedicated raiders who also have limited time to play.

What Marv and Barklay pride themselves on being able to offer over at the the Stormwind Bait Company is a unique perspective on relating to the casual gamer who likes to have fun and see as much as the game as they can, on a limited play schedule.  Added into that, they also display their fantastic sense of humor in daily quips of fun facts they find on their journeys through Azeroth.

You can find extremely important information, such as Dalaran Dave predicting the weather and how to acquire the most important item in all of WoW! Don’t worry! There are also great articles on Crowd Control Basics and what happens when you don’t ready said articles on crowd control basics. As well as some insights on how the 4.0.6 changes will affect Feral Druids.

If you haven’t found something in all that to tickle your fancy, I might also suggest checking out Barklay and Marv’s Journey to Two Man the Glory of the Hero achievements from start to finish. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Marv and Barklay tell us that we can expect more of their shenanigans and insights on playing WoW on a time budget, along with an occasional rant of the humorous variety. It is also their hope that everyone stay for a direbrew and a chat while stopping buy to pick up their nightcrawlers! I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t wait to read about Dalaran Dave’s next adventures…and sure do enjoy that direbrew! 😉

Welcome to the Blogosphere Barklay and Marv!

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