Shared Topics: What Causes an Encounter to “Click” and Digging Archeology?

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If you’ve ever done a difficult instance or fought a raid boss, you’ve struggled at some point. You’ve wiped and wiped again. You’ve thought to yourself “how can anyone actually beat this?” But, many many tries and a few kills later, you stop and wonder how you ever struggled with the fight. That, friends, is what happens when you learn. But how does that learning process work? Naithin from Fun in Games suggested that, as a Shared Topic, we talk about that boss learning process.

I think that in the vast majority of Cataclysm encounters — raids in particular, but I think the same is true to a degree for heroic encounters too — are getting easier by some factor other than gear. You may disagree on that point, perhaps, but if so why?

Now the obvious answer besides gear is just practice. Practice makes perfect and all that. But why is it that certain encounters start out feeling almost impossible. You seem to be hitting your head against a brick wall, unable to make even a dent in the progression of this encounter. Depending on how long you go through that phase, it may even begin to feel a bit disheartening and then… Then progress is made. It starts to feel possible. You down it.

A little later, even just a week or two later, you can’t imagine ever having difficulty on such an easy encounter. Anyone wiping to this must be a noob!

What happened to get from one point to another?

Participating were:

Naithin from Fun in Games

Unglar from Shredding Attacks

Morynne from Mark-365

Gazimoff from Mana Obscura

Fealen from Cow and Bones

Sharden from 15 Minutes of WoW

The second Topic is about our new profession: Archeology. Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall pointed out that it was high time that we Share our impressions.

Cataclysm’s new secondary profession, archeology, has gone through a lot of changes since it was first announced — Path of the Titans, we hardly knew you! — but is incredibly popular with players. At least, a lot of them are doing it — there are also a lot of complaints. Still, go to any dig site and you’ll see tons of eager archeologists. What do you think of it? Did Blizzard release it half-baked? Are you happy with its current implementation? What else do you hope to have added to it in future patches?

Sharing were:

Rustbeard from Little Blue Dog

Iggep from Iggep’s Realm

Naithin from Fun in Games

Kamalia from Kamalia et alia

Pea from Target Dummies

Kallixta from Kallixta’s Notes

Windsoar from Jaded Alt

Fannon from Dwarven Battle Medic

Saithir from The Angry Dwarfs

Lady Erinia from Moments in the Life of a Death Knight

Next week, think about what you’d like to change about WoW. What would you like to add, to erase, to bring back and so on? Blog about it and share a link to your post in our thread at Blog Azeroth!

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