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Being admin. of a vent channel has its perks. Booting brash PuGs, confusing people by switching their channel arbitrarily, and similarly abusive exercises of power. And, as my guild-mates have recently learned, temporarily banning anyone who sarcastically suggests that I “ride their rocket.” Yes, the X-53 Touring Rocket, one the newest mounts available, has opened the floodgates for levels of innuendo that you won’t find anywhere outside of Barrens chat.

I do not collect mounts. I still ride the pink chicken thing that Silvermoon sold me when I was a baby hunter. But Cataclysm approaches, raid attendance across many servers falters, and people are left circling the drain with boredom (or, more likely, circling Dalaran). Rep grinds, gold farming (not the dirty kind) and mount collecting are all ways players find to pass the time until new content opens up.

Probably the most complimentary thing I can say about Warcraft Mounts is that is doesn’t try to do too much. It has lists of all available mounts, can break them into subsections, and tells you exactly how to obtain them. And that’s really about it. But for a mount farmer, it’s a handy tool, and for the rest of us it can be a fun way to browse potential mounts to look for ones that we may want someday (the only mount I legitimately pine for, for example, is the Phoenix mount from the old BC Sunwell raid).

So good luck to mount collectors, I hope this helps. Now go hop on your Big Love Rocket (shown below), and be sure to make it as awkward as possible for your friends.

The resource site spotlight is a “weekly” blog written by Arthemystia from, in his quest to find every useful WoW website on the internet.

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  • *snort* Seriously, though, thanks. Warcraft Mounts really isn’t intended to be any more than that. I had a spreadsheet of mounts so I could keep track of what I had and what I wanted, and when I tried to add pictures I ended up with a website. *shrug* It happens sometimes.