Episode 79 – If The Shoe Fits

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Another last minute, but no less awesome guest! Molly from the Women of Warcraft Vidcast/Podcast joins us. We talk all about the joys (*cough*) of Videocasting and going back to your roots. The discussion turns to the revelation of some of the changes to stats in Cataclysm and we even talk about what to do if you’re blog doesn’t have any pictures of shoes! All that and more!


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General News

Cataclysm: Stats they are a’changing (link 1) (link 2)

Man-in-the-middle trojan compromises authenticator accounts (link)

Project Lore calls it quits (it was in their RSS but I can’t find link to it on their blog)

It is with heavy hearts that we have come to the decision to close Project Lore. Looking back at when Project Lore first started, we knew it was an ambitious plan. Creating the site, the videos, the blog, and everything Project Lore was an amazing adventure. When we launched the site, we received great feedback. The passion you all showed as fans kept us going and helped grow Project Lore to be a place for World of Warcraft players to enjoy the camaraderie of each other outside of the game. We’ve gone through a lot of changes in our time working on Project Lore. From the first crazy run through Hellfire Ramparts to our adventure through Naxxramas, from iZ3D to Squarespace, we’ve had a blast on this journey together. All of us want to thank every fan out there for your support over the years. We’ll see you in game! Some of our bloggers wanted to let you know where you could find them in the future Heartbourne: twitter.com/heartbourne iTZKooPA: itzkoopa.com or twitter.com/itzkoopa pixiestixy: twitter.com/pixiestixy

The optional zone buff in the Icecrown Citadel is now available and will make the instance easier for whoever wants to use it. The buff currently increases total health, healing done and damage dealt by 5% but higher versions are in-game and will probably be activated later. 5%-30%

Strength of Wrynn (5%) / Hellscream’s Warsong (5%)

On a sidenote, the amount of limited attempts for end-wing bosses has been increased to 35.
Note: talking to faction leader removes it.. if you remove it you can’t get it back for that run (unless you reset if you haven’t been saved)

Hot fix this week 3/4 (link)

  • In the Lord Marrowgar encounters, the boss will no longer reset threat after a bone storm and will now wait a small amount of time before attacking at the end of a bone storm.
  • In the Deathbringer Saurfang encounters, the boss is now less likely to cast Blood Nova on targets affected by Mark of the Fallen Champion.
  • In both normal and heroic versions of the 10 player Rotface encounter, the mutated infection ability will not be cast as quickly while the fight progresses.
  • In the 10- and 25-player heroic Festergut encounters, the malleable goo ability should no longer target pets.
  • In the Valithria Dreamwalker encounters, the duration of Emerald Vigor and Twisted Nightmares were slightly increased.
    In the Sindragosa encounters, the duration of the instability debuff was slightly reduced.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

(Oh Look an alt!) “In which I ponder the relationship between blogs & guilds”(link)
(Kristine Lowe via @adders ) “Is your blog really a blog if it has no photos of shoes on it?” (link)
(via Miss Medicina) “Single Abstract Noun is Recruiting Stateside!” (link)

We’d like to welcome all of the new bloggers who introduced themselves on Blog Azeroth. This week we saw posts from:
– (Exploring the weird) Tales from Oddcraft
– (Playing as a 13-year-old) Journal of a WoW Kiddie
– (Commentaries) DK For Hire
– (feral druids) Primal Precision
– (resto druids) Through the Eyes of a Tree
– (resto druids) More Splinters than Feathers
– (casters) The Mana Obscura
– (UIs) The WoW Noob
– (Elemental Shaman) ‘mental shaman
– (General) Jed’s Corner of WoW Shenanigans

Shared Topic This Week

Each week on BlogAzeroth a new topic is posted for general blogging. We encourage our listeners to post about that topic on their own blog and then post a link to it in the forum.
Shared Topic: How Will Cataclysm Change YOUR Game?

Right before Blizzard gave us a big update on Cataclysm stats and system changes, we were thinking about the expansion as we took part in the weekly Shared Topic. Rilandune from Heroically Random! had suggested we talk about our personal plans for Cataclysm and Pheadra from DI the Tank had proposed discussing the changes to the game we’d like to see.

Google Translation

We had a call!! Translation follows:

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Um.. yeah.

Next week…

Next week we are at episode 80 and all our tables will be round..

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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