Shared Topic: How Will Cataclysm Change YOUR Game?

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Right before Blizzard gave us a big update on Cataclysm stats and system changes, we were thinking about the expansion as we took part in the weekly Shared Topic. Rilandune from Heroically Random! had suggested we talk about our personal plans for Cataclysm and Pheadra from DI the Tank had proposed discussing the changes to the game we’d like to see.

It’s a new expansion, it’s a new game in many respects. How will it change YOUR game? Will you play a new class you’ve been dying to play for years? Will you play a new role you’ve never played like tanking or healing? Have you been a hardcore raider and would like to get more into the lore and questing or vice versa?

Everyone’s talking about how talent trees and gear mechanics for Cata. will work, class balancing, etc. However, how else would you like Cataclysm to change the game for things like your character? They’re doing a huge overhaul of many of the original areas so it makes sense that they’ll be going back and changing other things. What do you hope gets changed, and what do you hope stays the same?

Taking part last week were:

Rilandune from Heroically Random!

Lissanna from Restokin

Elionene from Good Morning Azeroth

Rajjs from Angry Alt

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

Next week’s Shared Topic is about PUG stories…but no QQ this time! With almost every blogger having at least some random dungeon horror post on their blog, it’s time to balance the scale and talk about the good stories and great people we’ve encountered in our random dungeon adventures.

To take part in that or any other Shared Topic (there are a number of fantastic topics coming up!), check out the Shared Topic forum over at Blog Azeroth!

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