Resource Site Spotlight: Gear Wishlist

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Today’s resource site spotlight will be going over a site that does a lot of work for raiders. Gear Wishlist is deceptively simple web app that tells you what you want. Seriously! Just give it your character and realm, and it will pull your gear and spec from the armory, and put together a list of upgrades based on the wowhead preset stat weights.

Here’s me:

Now since the survival hunter presets on wowhead are actually based on calculations done on my character, this is a very good tool for me. However, for everyone else, bear in mind that your situation is not always going to be typical. When in doubt, double check with your existing tools. Still, aside from minor variants where the difference between you and the wowhead presets is enough to reorder your list a bit, this is a very nice quick wish list!

The resource site spotlight (aka wiki tiki utility posts) should happen every week, but is written by Euripides from, and endeavors to fill your favorites bar with an unmanageably large quantity of WOW resource sites. So much knowledge that it hurts. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

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