Back from the Con

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Hey! Thanks to everyone that participated in our TNB liveblogs. We had a great turnout. If you haven’t gone to see it already, Twisted Nether has a Flickr stream.. Lots of Blizzcon ‘09 Pictures up. I’ve got pictures from the meetup. I have pictures from OUR TNB meetup! Go take a look! Here are a few samples 🙂


Brigwyn & Dwarf

Hydra and FimlysNib at the Meetup

Tigorasou and Saresa

3 comments to Back from the Con

  • Adonik

    Nice coverage guys. I’m linking my guildies to this Flickr stuff. A lot of them didn’t go or didn’t see the streaming coverage.

  • Loved meeting you folks and hanging out during Blizzcon! It was really a pleasure being able to actually hang out with some of the best 🙂