Resource Site Spotlight: Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists

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screenieHi again folks! Today I’m going to spotlight a very useful utility site called Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists (wiki link). Some guilds, whether they have a DKP system or not, want to ensure that loot goes to players who will use it for their primary spec before it goes to people who would only use it for an offset. In theory, the guild will get better use of gear if it’s played more. While this is a fairly inexact science (especially now that dual spec is available), a large amount of time can be spent arguing about whether a piece of gear is “meant” for one class or spec or another.

Kaliban’s class loot lists has categorized all the drops in the current end game by which class can use it most. I don’t always agree (note my improvements in the screenshot), but it can be handy to have a list broken down already before you embark on a raid.

In theory, any loot distribution system that needs an absolute reference for which classes should be allowed to roll on something can use this to avoid having long, boisterous, frank exchanges of opinions about whether it’s a rogue piece without expertise, or a leather hunter piece.

To use, simply select the raid you’re doing from the first page, scroll down to the boss you get the loot from, and check what classes are considered first, second, and third priority for it.

Tune in next time, and please contact me if you have anything you’d like to see here!

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