Wiki Tiki Introduction to Euripides, from!

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Hunter pet pathing issueHi folks, my name is Euripides and I write a hunter blog called For some reason, the people over here at the Twisted Nether have managed to convince themselves that desipte my groan-inducing sense of humor and terribad abuse of the english language, I’m the right person to contribute to the “Wiki Tiki Utility” posts.

Well, their loss. I will be writing guides to various tools contained in the Big List Of Warcraft Utility Sites using the name “Resource Site Spotlight”. These are supposed to be weekly, but I’m a hunter. You can count on me to stand in the fire and roll on rogue loot, but that’s about it.

3 comments to Wiki Tiki Introduction to Euripides, from!

  • Not to be confused with the Euripedes from Critcal QQ. Or are they the same person? AHHH SOMEONE CLEAR THIS UP FOR ME PLSTHX!

  • Yeah, it’s weird. I picked my name before I knew about him, and upon further investigation, we share a first name in real life too. Creepy.

    Anyways, I figure we’ll let the blogosphere figure out which one of us is the evil one. *barely suppresses maniacal laugh*

  • Iunno. You’re both pretty high up there on the evil scale. *grins*