Episode 20: Greater Blessing of Cheese

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cheese This week we are blessed with cheese, Nib conquers epic Blizzcon lines and we talk…alot!

The Twisted Round Table

Twisted is right! We weathered time zones difference, epic convention lines, the pull of titles, and blessing of cheese! Thank you again for everyone who stayed up late to listen to us. Please bear with the audio! We are sorry for the first 20 minutes. It is worth the painful sounds, I promise!

Who were the members of the Twisted Round Table:


  • Stop (so says BA, so it shall be) from The Stoppable Force provided a fantastic post listing which titles are achievement rewards. (Stop would like you to know”my post is just titles from achievements that you can start on before Wrath. there’s a few my list left off, because they can’t even be started until Wrath”)
  • A mouse for your hands.
  • Nib tackles Mike Morhaime, Felicia Day and Robin Thorsen into give us shout-outs. Nib you are my hero.
  • Leafy snores.
  • A nekkid cow…oh yes.
  • Lots and lots news and discussions that came out of Blizzcon.

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