Downtime Round-up: 9-9-08

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dt_roundup Is it that time again! That’s right boys and girls, it is roundup time! We are excited to have Siha from Banana Shoulders  joining us as our Twisted Blog next episode. If there are any burning questions you would like to ask her, feel free to send them in!  Here are a few posts you may have missed!


Hay to Munch on:

  • Dear Abby?  For WoW? That’s right, seems to be new blogger Aislinana is making sure her blog is different by focusing on giving advice on how to handle situations presented as you play and interact with others.


  • He now has a name! Dechion, formerly from Benameless, has decided to come out of the closet, not only reveal his name to us but also launched a new site to celebrate.  So if you were a reader of benameless, be sure to migrate to his new site: Dechion’s Place


  • WoW apps on the iphone: Ziv from Double Trouble ponders on why a couple WoW related applications survived the Blizzard legal hammer.

2 comments to Downtime Round-up: 9-9-08

  • Rems

    Hey guys just wanted to say the website looks great!!
    I try to listen to one podcast per day (at work hehe) and im loving it.

    Thanks and keep it up!!

  • Hay! Thanks for the shoutout on your podcast. One of my new readers told me about your link so I wanted to come down and say howdy-dere! 🙂