Downtime Round-up 7-8-08

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image Is it that time again! That’s right boys and girls, it is roundup time! We are excited to have Kestrel from Kestrel’s Aerie joining us as our Twisted Blog next episode. If there are any burning questions you would like to ask him, feel free to send them in! Here are a few posts you may have missed!

Hay to Munch on:

  • If you must PvP, then here are some ways you can make it more bearable.
    how to be a leader in battlegrounds.
    Fikkle from 4thehorde, reminds me, and contrary to my popular belief, horde complain as much as the alliance. He offers some good advice on how to take charge of your battleground when you enter.
  • Call out for your screenshots! Ziv from Double Bubble has a very interesing project going. Currently, Ziv as a post on the BA forums explaining the project-a photo mosaic. Wanna help? Send Ziv your screenshots. First image in the works may be the BA logo. If you would like more information, visit the BA post and Ziv’s blog.
  • Disgraph T. Dwarf shows us one dwarf’s adventures during the Midsummer festival.
  • Kestrel opens his blog to the masses! Always wanted to write a post? Have your work shine in pretty white letters? Now is your chance. Kes has offered to post articles written by you! Restrictions apply, so please read the fine print 🙂 .
  • Heal who, when? Been asked to handout raid healing assignments at the last minute? Anna of Toomanyannas, will help you breath and get though the night with purple prizes!

Know of an awesome post we should see, blogs that have moved, closed or are new to the party? Sent me an email at or leave it in the comments!

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