Episode 149 – Bubble-ish

ilikebubbles We welcome Lyrandre/Amber from I Like Bubbles to the show this week. We talk about flowcharts, naming blogs and cookie dough. We also have a bunch of emails, shared topics and new blogs to introduce!


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TNB Live Saturday 11/5 – Lyrandre

We are pleased to welcome Lyrandre from I Like Bubbles. If you have any questions please make sure to send them in prior to showtime to info@twistednether.net or bring them to the chatroom!

  • When is it?: This live show is scheduled for Saturday, November 5th at 8pm PT (11pm ET). Not sure what time that is for you? Use this handy-dandy time converter!
  • Where do I go? To participate on the live show, you will need to go to the TNB Live Show page to connect with the stream. See, totally easy. If you are having issues then go to the Ustream page. Don’t forget to register/login to UStream so you can chat with us!
  • Some general ground rules:
    1. Be nice. If you say very inappropriate things be aware you will be kicked from the room. We are doing this to have a great time, come with a beer, come during a raid, come how you wish, just don’t come to cause trouble.
    2. You may ask questions to the participants during the show, but we reserve the right to use them if and when we can. We will be monitoring the chat room and if we can we will use the comments during the show. We love that you are with us, but we will have to weave them in. Even if it isn’t asked, we all appreciate your questions!

Outside of that, we will love to have you join us and partake in an enlightening discussion that is sure to follow! Hope to see you there!

Episode 148 – This Con Goes to 11

P1040825 It’s a Twisted Nether Roundtable! Blizzcon 2011 is over, but there is so much to talk about. We welcome Lissanna from Restokin
, Anne from All things Azeroth and WoW Insider, Rades from Orcish Army Knife and Rilandune from Heroically Random , The Overlores and Twisted Nether.


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Shared Topic: So How About Those Pandas?

This week Blog Azeroth got caught up in the Blizzcon and Mist of Pandaria action!

Tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly reactions you had to the announcements made at Blizzcon surrounding the next expansion Mists of Pandaria!

Sharing their thoughts were:

Akabeko from Red Cow Rise

Amerence from Amerence Love WoW

Tigerphoenix from The Casual Mage

Corath from Corath’s Blog

Typhoon Andrew from Tyhpoon Andrew’s Eye of the Storm

Tzufit from Tree Heals Go Woosh

Navimie from The Daily Frostwolf

JD Kenada from Amateur Azerothian

Strumwulf from Strumwolf’s Stories, Ideas and Art

Jamin from Shattered Beginnings

Next week the BA crew is tackling the idea of diversity vs. homogenization of classes. If you have a great idea for a Shared Topic, feel free to drop a new thread in the Shared Topic forum at Blog Azeroth.

Happy Blogging!

Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Channeling the Mist

Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in welcoming Secretbrew of Channeling the Mist.

Secretbrew started her WoW career at the encouragement of her brother back during The Burning Crusade. Thinking that WoW was just a fad, she was reluctant to make the commitment to the game. However, after the success WoW saw during it’s original release, Secretbrew drank the koolaid and started a Warlock. It wasn’t long before she realized that dps wasn’t her cup of tea, and she decided to reroll a Druid lot heal.

Once Secretbrew started healing, she found she couldn’t stop, and eventually found herself healing with Blood Legion through progression content. Enjoying healing on her Druid, she was quick to learn about the extremely strong Druid community. As information started to release about the mistweaver monk, Secretbrew found she was enamoured with the possibilities and immediately fell in love with the class. Having seen the strength of the Druid community, she thought she’d start the monk community off right, and thus Channeling the Mist was born.

Eventhough the monk class has limited information available, Secretbrew has done a fantastic job compiling the data and offering her thoughts on the possibilities of the class. You can find some basic information on the monk class along with some of the new things we will be seeing in Pandaria. Secretbrew also looks at some of the first pieces of information that we have on the Monk healing style.

I, for one, am excited about the pandas and think that Secretbrew is off to a great start! I can’t wait to see what she has to offer as we learn more about this mystic race. Welcome to the blogosphere, Secretbrew!

Every Tuesday, Beruthiel from Falling Leaves and Wings is bringing you the Welcome Wagon, introducing new bloggers and great reads. If you know of a new blog to the scene or wish to get your name out there, please send an email to fallingleaves51@gmail.com, with the subject line “Welcome Wagon.” She’ll do her best to highlight as many as possible

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