Episode 206 – Ask Mr. Re-bot

askMrRobot_thumb A bit of a deviation from our normal interview when be bring back Zoopercat form Ask Mr. Robot to talk about all the new stuff they have added since we last talked to her and a bunch of stuff on Patch 5.4.

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Resource Site Spotlight – WarcraftRealms.com

Hello Twisted Nether geeks and welcome!

Tonight I’m going to delve into an information gathering site,

This site is primarily a location for finding census data for all the World of Warcraft realms, but there are a couple of other interesting things you can do here. First, lets cover the obvious. Warcraft census data is information about your server population. Are you mostly Horde or Alliance? Are there more pallys or shaman on your server? What level are they? What race? If you have these types of burning questions then this is the place for you! This census data is collected from stalwart heroes like yourself who download the addon CensusPlus, which can be found at Curse.com. You can use this addon realm census data while ingame as well as use it to collect census data and upload it back to the site for others to use.

To find your census data just click on the Realm Data in the toolbar and select WOW Census. Input the server you’re interested in and there you have it. This will also provide a list of guilds on the server. I believe it is based on number of guild members.warcraftrealms The pic here to the left is my home server and faction. 🙂

This site also provides a couple of other interesting things.

  • Feel like you are surrounded by the enemy? See if your server is primarily one faction or the other.If you are looking for the ratio of horde to alliance players based on the number of characters — go to either the US Realm or EU Realm drop down. The list is provided in alpha order.
  • There is also a number of random statistics under the Quick Stats section. (hunters still seem to outnumber the rest of us! whats that about?!)
  • Poke around the Graphs and you can find all types of interesting random information. Such as the past years average weekly activity by class.
  • Interested in making a signature featuring your character to use in your guild forums and on the web? Go to the signature maker. Follow the instructions. You can pick all the colors and select a background and voila! A unique signature you can use all over the place.
  • Now I’d like to tell you my favorite thing to do with this site. As a guild leader I’m never sure quite what I’m getting when people apply to the guild. If you are interested in getting some background info try this out. From the Realm Data drop down select Char History (character history). Put in a character name and server and you can get a full history of every guild they have been in.


I hope you find this site as interesting as I do for random but useful information 🙂

Until next time friends…go make the world a better place!


 If you have a resource site you’d like to share with the world, drop me a line at Zabbylocks@gmail.com.

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TNB Live Sunday 8/18 – Ask Mr. Robot

askMrRobot_thumb.png We are pleased to welcome Zoopercat from Ask Mr. Robot back to the Twisted Nether Blogcast to talk about Patch 5.4 and all their great features to help us. If you have any questions please make sure to send them in prior to showtime to info@twistednether.net or bring them to the chatroom!

  • When is it?: This live show is scheduled for Sunday, August 18th at 8pm PT (11pm ET). Not sure what time that is for you? Use this handy-dandy time converter!
  • Where do I go? To participate on the live show, you will need to go to the TNB Live Show page to connect with the stream. See, totally easy. If you are having issues then go to the Ustream page. Don’t forget to register/login to UStream so you can chat with us!
  • Some general ground rules:
    1. Be nice. If you say very inappropriate things be aware you will be kicked from the room. We are doing this to have a great time, come with a beer, come during a raid, come how you wish, just don’t come to cause trouble.
    2. You may ask questions to the participants during the show, but we reserve the right to use them if and when we can. We will be monitoring the chat room and if we can we will use the comments during the show. We love that you are with us, but we will have to weave them in. Even if it isn’t asked, we all appreciate your questions!

Outside of that, we will love to have you join us and partake in an enlightening discussion that is sure to follow! Hope to see you there!

Episode 205 – Rezz Not Null

rednoob This week we welcome Rezznul from Red Noob Diaries. While being more active on twitter than on his blog, we discuss a lot about using twitter and adjusting your “voice” for your available time commitment.

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Resource Site Spotlight – Macro-WoW.com

Hello and good day Twisted Netherteenies!

Today’s spotlight is all about macros! Personally, I have always had trouble creating macros. I began my mediocre macro making with a few target macros, and that was about as complex as I could get. The rest of my meandering macro-making history has come from other Warcraft players and from websites. I’ve seen a few websites come and go when it comes to macros, but I sure hope this one sticks around for a while. I’m talking about Macro-WoW.


The most enjoyable thing about this website is it is easy to use. There is not as much hunting and pecking with this site as I’ve seen with others. You will still have to do a little digging around in your class location to find exactly what you’re looking for, but the information is straight-forward and the macros are easy to read, and to copy/paste. macro-wow2Each macro is listed by number of views and can be voted up or down so you can easily sort through the most common and highest rated macros for your class or need.

Not only does this site provide you with a place to find macros, but there are three other things you can do here that make this site a real winner for me. If you are a proficient macro writer yourself you can contribute and share your macros with the world. If you are looking for something and can’t find it you can request a macro. I think this is awesome!! Someone is going to make it for me?! Count me in!

The third, and one I most appreciate, is they have macro guides. If you are interested in learning how to create macros I would recommend their tutorials. They have a full line of “How To” guides for creating macros of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a melancholy mini macro maker like myself, or a masterful maestro of macro machination and mischief, this site has you covered.


Now go devise a macro to make the world a better place!


 If you have a resource site you’d like to share with the world, drop me a line at Zabbylocks@gmail.com.

You can find me on Twitter @Zabbylocks or sometimes at my blog Life in the Soulwell.