Episode 215 – Dramatic Pause

hearthcast This week we send out 2013 and start 2014 right when we welcome Freckleface and Rewt from Hearthcast to the show.

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Episode 214 – Sugar and Blog

matty This week we welcome Matty from the Sugar and Blood blog.

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Episode 213 – Holiday Shopping

gift This week we talk about the latest patch that includes the in-game store and looking for group enhancements.

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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Chase Those Azerothian Winter Blues Away


This Blog Azeroth Shared Topic comes from frequent Shared Topic creator Matoaka from Sugar & Blood!

Matty proposed this perfectly timed topic:

My question or proposed topic is “Instead of cursing the darkness, how do you light a candle in Azeroth and chase the occasional (winter) blues away?

In perfect Shared Topic form Matty was first to blog on the topic with this post entitled Over (Northern) Exposure.

Quickly answering the call-to-arms (or keys? yeah, bad joke is bad) was Syrco from Syrco Owl with this post entitled Solstice Challenge: Day 1-4.

As always you can add to the Shared Topic conversation in several ways! Write about it on your own site and post a link here, on the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic forum thread. Post a comment in the comments below, or post comments and share the threads you see here on the page!



Episode 212 – We’ve Been Conned

Blizzcon2014-20131108-0149 What? Another Blizzcon has come and gone and we’re having our third round table in a row! It’s Post-Blizzcon and we’ll have to talk about all the new stuff we learned. We welcome Quori from Azeroth Pirate Radio and Xia from The Sundering.

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