Resource Site Spotlight – Curse

Hello Twisted Nether groupies and welcome to another installment of our resource site spotlight.


Today is an oldie but a goodie, and we haven’t shown the spotlight on this particular site in a while.

Welcome to Curse.comcurse logo

Curse is one of those sites that has changed but really hasn’t changed. It is still one of the premiere WoW addon sites out there.

From the main page click on downloads, you’ll see World of Warcraft is right up at the top of the list. Click on addons and away you go. You can browse among the top downloaded addons, or search for one by class, category or name.

Curse also provides a great way to manage those pesky addons. I highly recommend their addon client. It’s very easy and convenient to use. You can become a member for free and download the curse addon client. The client provide one stop shopping for addons and easy peasy updating. If you choose to become a premium member you can update all your addons with one click. All the while supporting the gamers that write the addons you enjoy. I cannot recommend this enough. It is fairly inexpensive and a good way to give back to the community.curse dropdown

From their front page scroll down and hover over any of the games in the list and see what links they have available for each one. Links are provided for all of their wiki sites under each game title well as a link to MMO-Champion, our previous resource spot light 🙂


Curse also offers a couple of additional features besides addons.

  • download clients for several games, including WoW
  • voice chat, now in open beta and available for download
  • wikis; WoWpedia, WoWDB, Minecraft, WildStar, Guild Wars 2 and many more…


If you haven’t been to Curse lately go and check it out. Enter a contest, download an addon and enjoy.

Sally forth….and go make the world a better place,


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Episode 224 – Finally Dun

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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Solo Kills (27th April – 11th May) by Dragonray

Greetings Folks!

Sorry, I had my weeks mixed up. Still getting accustomed to this 2 week Shared Topic period.

Here’s the current Shared Topic subject from our very good friend Dragonray:

So for all the adventurous of you out there who do solo dungeons/boss kills – who has been your most impressive feat? if you haven’t managed it yet, who are you working on? Why do you not do solo kills – patience, fear, gear , interest etc?

You know what to do!

Write a post on your blog, drop the link in the thread at the Blog Azeroth forums – post a comment in the thread at the aforementioned forums – or post a comment in the section below! 3 ways to participate, so NO excuses!

Get writing people!



Episode 223 – Twisted Think Tank

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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Fantasy Phones in Azeroth! (13th – 26th April)

SharedTopic_thumb.jpgGreetings folks!

We have another great topic from Mataoka from Sugar & Blood!

Fantasy Apps!
What Smartphone/i-phone apps would your character have on their ‘fantasy phones’ Azeroth?

You know what to do, write a pist on your site, link it on the thread linked above, or drop a comment below! There are no excuses for not participating!!



PS, this was posted from my phone while on a break in a sales meeting, so pardon ant misslinks or misspelling 🙂