Blog Tipping: Feedburner

Hey everyone! Anna here, as usual.

I’ve gotten a bit of feedback (hee hee) regarding my Feedburner blog tip, and wanted to offer a bit of a walkthrough for setting up your burned RSS feed.

First – go to – you’ll see there’s a big blank box in the middle of the page under Start FeedBurning Now. Type your blog address in that box, and feedburner should be able to auto-discover the feed URL for you!


If when you type in your address and push next it comes up with a list of options, choose either the one labeled RSS 2.0, or the one that ends in /feed or RSS (not Atom, which has been causing issues lately).


The next window will have a place for you to name your feed and the feedburner address for it, and also your registration window where you pick your username and password to access your FeedBurner stats.


Congratulations! You have a feedburner feed! You’ll want to turn on clickthrough tracking like this:


And then you’ll have a big page of options for the various different blogging services – you’ll want to go to the appropriate page for your blog type (Blogspot, WordPress, etc) and look up how to publicize your blog’s new feed using FeedBurner. For most this is under the Publicize tab, the option “Chicklet Chooser” – but the actual steps vary based on your blogging platform. Fortunately, FeedBurner has nice step-by-step walkthroughs for each type.

Individual Blog Types:

I highly suggest you use the standard RSS button (that looks like this: rssbutton ) because it is widely recognized. If you’re clever with editing, you can create your own – but try to stick to the same template. Siha, over at, has an individualized (purple!) rss feed button, for example.

Hopefully that helps walk you through the setup process for creating a FeedBurner feed – that will, in the end, help you better serve your readers by allowing them to maintain ONE feed address even if you change URLs, and will give you tasty webstats on how many subscribers you have to your blog!

Happy Blogging!

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Shared topic: Same title, new post

This week’s Shared Topic was drafted by Auzara of Chick GM and is entitled, Same Title, New Post. In her own words:

I was looking around and found Wow on the Mind’s post entitled: Nurturing Instinct and Improved Leader of the Pack

For some reason I had GMing on the mind and thought to myself: "Oh cool he’s talking about different leadership styles. Turns out he’s talking about Druid talents.

So my idea is, go find a title from an another blog and (with the original Author’s permission, but not Matt’s, Matt’s blog is under an Uncopywrite) write a different topic, under the same heading.

For instance, you might take Leafshine’s recent post Warcraft Meets Tetris or Siha’s recent Anyone for Cards and write about what you spend your time doing during boring, repetitive, annoying Mount Hyjal trash waves. Or use Anna’s Herding Cats post as inspiration to share anecdotes of your all Feral Druid 5-Man team! Or you could rewrite Vonya’s post Quick Note from Ego to be about your ego telling you that you should totally ninja those bracers because that other Hunter with more DKP totally doesn’t deserve them. Or … something like that.

Episode 6- Chicks Dig Kodos

chickgm This week we have all the ingredients for a great party, one Chick GM, a tip, one shared topic and kodos, lots of kodos.

— Continue reading Episode 6- Chicks Dig Kodos —

Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Sephrenia of Guild Mum

Welcome Sepherenia of Guild Mum to the Blogging Netherhood.

Sephrenia is a mother of two and a council member of a “late night guild that raids”. She takes her moniker of Guild Mum from the role she plays in the leadership of this late night crew. She is an avid pet collector. Finally, a quick glance at her blog roll tells me she has excellent taste!

While she’s still finding her blogging voice and focus, her current entries describing; her guild, her quests for new pets, WotLK emotes, the fire festival and herself are well written and articulate. I’m certain that whatever shape her blog takes in the future, it will continue to be an excellent read.

So welcome to the blog-o-sphere Sephrenia. May your readers be numerous and your typos be few.

Every Friday, the Twisted Nether Team has provided me (Auzara of Chick GM) with an opportunity to highlight a new blogger and welcome them to our blog-o-sphere. If you have a wonderful new blog I may have missed, please drop me a line at ChickGM at gmail dot com with a title of Welcome Wagon. I can’t promise to highlight them all but I’ll certainly try.

Anna’s Blog Tipping: Statistics (part 1)

Hey everyone! Time for a mid-week blogger tip!

Know your readers (part 1)

Sounds simple, right? But if you think about it, without using some kind of tracking, you have no idea who reads your page or how they get there. The first part of knowing your readers is using a blog statistics tracker like WordPress Stats, Google Analytics, Sitemeter, Woopra, or one of several wordpress-plugins that do similar functions.

3D financial Graph - miqueias small

(Ok, so maybe I use four)

What good does that do, you say? Well, you can learn a lot from these kinds of statistics, so for now let’s just focus on one thing. Referrals.

Looking at a referrals page in your blog statistics tells who is linking to your blog, and what posts (specifically) they’re linking. It also usually gives a web address where you can go to see what someone has said about what you wrote. This then expands your own blog readership, because now you know of a new blog to read – and you know that that person is reading what you write and sending their readers your way.

Referral statistics let you know about other bloggers reading and linking to your blog – know your readers!

*image credit Miqueias

Every Thursday, one of the Annas from Too Many Annas stops by with a mid-week blogger tip. If you have questions or suggestions for future tips, email Anna ( tips at twistednether dot net ) with a message titled “Blog Tipping”.