Twisted Nether Is Live Friday :)

Come join us for this  special event!  That’s right!   The next Twisted Nether Blogcast will be recorded live and you can participate! 

Join us as we interview the BOB himself..Llanion from Mad Cow Chronicles

That’s great Bre, tell me when it is!

The show is scheduled for Friday, April 17th  at 12:30 am EST (yes I know that technically makes its Saturday, April 18th)

Not sure what time that is for you?  Use this handy-dandy time converter!

Where do I go?

To participate on the live show, you will need to go to the TNB Ustream show

See, easy!

Some general ground rules:

  1. Be nice. If you say very inappropriate things be aware you will be kicked from the room.  We are doing this to have a great time, come with a beer, come during a raid, come how you wish, just don’t come to cause trouble.
  2. You may ask questions to the participants during the show, but we reserve the right to use them if and when we can.  I will be monitoring the chat room and if I can I will use the comments during the show.  We love that you are with us, but I will have to weave them in.  Even if it isn’t asked, we all appreciate your questions

Outside of that, we will love to have you join us and partake in an enlightening discussion that is sure to follow!

Hope to see you there!


This week we’re out of town.. but we totally had time to record an episode. Listen to um.. Bre and Fim babble about the upcoming patch, blue posts and reader mail (you all should send more mail) and lots more.

— Continue reading EPISODE 39.5 — SHIVER ME TIMBERS —

Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Beruthiel of Falling Leaves and Wings

tnb-welcomeWelcome to Beruthiel of Falling Leaves and Wings!

This blogger is super fresh-and-new, having just started posting in March of this year (still has that new blog smell!). She has plenty of experience in the game, however, having played since shortly after the game was released. Originally a hunter, seeking refuge in her PvP druid brought her to shift forms rather than shoot bows, though she’s since received therapy to overcome her PvP nightmares. She’s an officer in her guild Monolith, that’s survived the test of time from AQ to present day. Now her guild is working on reaching Immortal, and “Salty” Beruthiel herself has admitted to being an achievement hound.

In real life, Beruthiel is an attorney, with a focus on calculations of some sort. This is coming through in her writing, and she’s doing very well with an entire tab dedicated to mana regeneration calculations. In only a little while she’s begun exploring addon setup and experimented with gear guides. For being such a fresh newcomer, she’s had a terrifically strong start. With her wide range of healer experience of different classes and specs, and her plethora of alts, the possibilities are endless. She’s told me her main focuses will be healing and raiding, and Druids with a dash of Paladin.

It’s impressive how strongly she’s started out, and it can only get better from here. It’s true, with Phaelia gone our blogosphere needs all the Druid resto help it can get, and Beruthiel is certainly stepping up to the plate with gusto.

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Beruthiel!

Every Friday, Bellwether from 4 Haelz is bringing you the Welcome Wagon, introducing new bloggers and great reads. If you know of a new blog to the scene or wish to get your name out there, please send an e-mail to 4haelz AT gmail DOT com with the subject line “Welcome Wagon.” She’ll do her best to highlight as many as possible!

Shared Topic: Does Your Toon Have a Soul?

This week’s Shared Topic is brought to us by Warpy of The Warlock’s Den, and ponders whether your character has a soul or a mind of its own.

Even if you’re not a role-player, you may have noticed your toons having their own personalities and preferences. My dwarf hunter, for example, is one of those typical crazy engineers, won’t learn bow skill, and abandons pets that don’t match his armor. But, he has a cool roflcopter!

Trystan finds that his character has some rather exacting habits, but she is difficult to talk about personality wise.

If you think that your character has certain traits which you didn’t give them, or if you are just interested to see the Shared Topics, head on over to the Blog Azeroth Forums.  Remember, the Shared Topics are made even better by your participation!  Thankyou to all the bloggers who have a go at these topics each week.

Shared Topic: What Three Achievements Are You Most Proud Of?

This week’s Shared Topic comes from Saithir of The Angry Dwarfs, and asks bloggers to consider which three achievements they have completed that they are most proud of.  For many bloggers, this is a big ask, with so many dedicated achievement grabbers out there!  Saithir issued the following challenge

I’ve had this question ringing in my head for a while now. As it seems, it has been a topic on the US Warcraft forums (which I didn’t know even existed before the WI article), and it even become a Breakfast Topic on WoW Insider some days ago, so I guess that I’m not the only one that had that idea. And I think that’s a really good question to ask. After all, we’re doing these achievements, and not all of these are even remotely hard to get. Still, I don’t think it’s easy to choose one of them, so how about three? Let’s try that! :]

This topic has drawn a huge response from the community, with many bloggers jumping on the bandwagon to ponder what their three favourite achievements are.

Trustyn from The Elitists explores this in a unique way, highlighting the difficulty of the meta achievements and the struggle involved.

Naissa from Naissa’s Rage talks about her three favourite achievements and why they appeal to her – not always what you would expect!

Skarrde from Tank 2 Heals shares the achievements that he is currently working on, and something he thinks should be an achievement.

Athryn from Athryn’s Tier discusses cutting back on the achievement grabbing, and what 3 (of many!) are the best ones of all.

It’s great to see the community embracing the Shared Topic, but it can not continue without your help!  if there is something you think would make a really great discussion point, go on over to the Blog Azeroth forum and share it.  Also, make sure you check the Shared Topic each week to see what’s happening.