Episode 41 – Shades of Graylo

graymatter Put your thinking caps on. This week we’re talking with Graylo of Gray Matter.. and mathifying and theorycrafting.

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Wiki Tiki Utility: El’s Extreme Anglin’

With patch 3.1’s new fishing dailies giving adventurer-fishers everywhere a shot at bags of fishing treasures (some valuable, some useful, some both), there’s never been a better time for WoW characters to put down that polearm and pick up that pole… fishing pole, that is. “But Stop,” I can hear some of you saying, “I don’t have a dagblasted clue how to fish!” Well, the inaugural edition of TNB’s newest feature, the Wiki Tiki Utility, is here to help – by pointing you to El’s Extreme Anglin’, your one-stop learn-to-fish shop!

El is a very crafty gnome – she’s your hook-up for all the basics, from how to get started with fishing to skill-training hotspots. Learn what the most stylin’ fishers are wearing this season, and find out what kind of achievements you can reel in! You can even toss a line out to your fellow anglers-in-training or more advanced fisherfolk at El’s Extreme Anglin’s forums.

Written in an easy-to-understand (and in-character!) style, El’s Extreme Anglin’ is a fantastic utility site for any WoW player looking to get started with the relaxing art of fishing. Crack open a metaphorical cold one, grab that trusty fishing pole, and go catch yourself a whopper – with help from El and her amazing pool of fishing know-how.

Wonder if I can fish up any more puns…

Mondays are Wiki Tiki Utility days here at TNB! Stop from The Stoppable Force highlights a resource from the Twisted Nether Wiki’s Big List of WoW Utilities, hopefully giving you a nice boost to your Intellect – or at least your skill at World of Warcraft. If you’ve got a utility you’d like to see listed on the wiki, or one you’d like to nominate for the Wiki Tiki Utility post, please send an email to stop AT twistednether DOT net with the subject “Wiki Tiki Utility”!

Shared Topic: What Class Would You Be In Real Life?

Unfortunately, the lazy so and so who organises the Shared Topic went on hiatus last week, so there was no Shared Topic post here, nor was there a topic scheduled for this week.  Apologies, folks!  However, last week’s topic was a intriguing one to make up for that, and it will be stretching out over 2 weeks.  Theawakening from A Mage’s Guide To Life asks us to consider what class we would be in real life.  Perhaps even a certain spec!

Theawakening, of course, would be a mage.  I’ll admit I found this a tad perplexing myself at first, so here are just a couple of the reasons he gave why

  • Teleport to wherever you want. Want to sip on tea in England and by night be watching bull fights in Spain? Easy. Imagine being a business person! Expand your company, with ease.
  • Conjuring your own food. When hungry, make yourself a little snack, right out of thin air. Also, through this ability, one might read a god status among men by conjuring food before impoverished countries.

Other bloggers who had a very different view of the topic include

T-Sonn at Melted Faces

Athryn from Athryn’s Tier

Ruby at Rubymelon

As always, if there is something you think would make a really great discussion point, go on over to the Blog Azeroth forum and share it.  Authors are encouraged to share their own views on the matter!

Bre is on a Break

If you have listened to Ep. 40, You then know I am taking a sabbatical from the show. I leave you in Fim’s and Nib’s excellent hands.

Be nice to Nib, she bites 🙂

I will still be around the interwebs and if any of you would like to contact me via email, feel free to drop me a line at Bre@twistednether.net

<3 to each and every one of you.. Thank you all for making this such a wonderful experience. So long....and thanks for the fish! Many hugs, Bre

Episode 40 – Moony Cow

image This week we have an mad interview with the insane cow himself…Bob…oh crap…I mean Llanion from Mad Cow Chronicles!  Also, Bre makes a sad announcement.

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